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Liverpool Manaager: Klopp Label Fans “Idiot” Over Alleged Homophobic Chants

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has criticized a group of fans “idiots” after alleged homophobic chants were heard following the victory 3-0 against Norwich last Saturday.


Klopp was speaking to Paul Amann, the founder of Liverpool fans group Kop Outs, on Thursday.

“I never understand why you would sing a song if it was against something in a football stadium,” he said.

The club have said the chants were “offensive and inappropriate”.


“I never got that. I never liked it,” Klopp added. “In our case we have probably the best songbook in the world. It is easy to decide not to sing the song anymore. So, we can decide now, this is not our song anymore.

“I’m not sure if people listen to me but it would be nice. I don’t want to hear it anymore, for so many reasons.”

Addressing the chants directed at Norwich’s Billy Gilmour, who is on-loan from Chelsea, Klopp said the songs are a waste of time as they do nothing to motivate the players.


“When they start singing ‘Bobby Firmino’, ‘Mo Salah’, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ this kind of stuff, that gives you goosebumps and a push.

“The other songs are completely a waste of time and if you think believe what you sing, you are an idiot.

“I’m 54 now and when I was 20 we said so many things which we didn’t think about. Thank God 34 years later we learned it’s just not right to say.”


Written by Ishaq Mustafa

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