Wole Soyinka: President Buhari is not in charge! So who is in charge?

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Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka interviewed on Thursday by Plus TV Africa, has stated that, “I don’t really believe there’s anybody in-charge at Aso Rock”.

“I am sorry to say this, but I have been studying the trend over the past year and a half and I believe that this president is not in-charge of this nation.”

“Thank goodness for people like Umar, he has the tendency to hit the nail hard and go to the point factually, without self-interest,” Mr Soyinka said of the retired colonel.

“I mean there are all kinds of letter-writers but Colonel Umar, for me, is one of the really serious letter-writers, without self-interest, without self-serving in any way.”

He said lopsidedness in appointments is an insult on entire Nigeria and that such is also glaring in the ministry of petroleum which is headed by the president himself.

“We haven’t quite got over yet the Delta unrest,” he said, apparently referring to the lack of infrastructural development in the region which produces Nigeria’s oil.

“I think those who are responsible for this criminal lopsidedness should be punished. It is not sufficient to discuss it and to say restructuring,” he added.

He said Mr Buhari, being the minister of the “indicted” petroleum ministry, should have addressed the nation on the issue.

“We know the history of this and we know what it has cost the nation. And we know that it isn’t over yet.

“You say you are launching an inquiry, that’s not enough. This man is not in-charge.”
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