WICKEDNESS: Alleged Killer Of Nigerian-American Activist Toyin Salau Confesses To Strangling Her…

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The suspected murderer of a missing 19-year-old Black Lives Matter protester and a 75-year-old woman confessed to his mother about the killings. 

Aaron Glee Jr, 49, was arrested on Sunday after police found the bodies of the two women near his Tallahassee, Florida home. 
Oluwatoyin Salau, 19, had been missing since June 6, when she tweeted she had been molested by a black man, sparking hundreds on social media to call for a police search.
In a bombshell exclusive interview with, Glee’s mother, Sandra Cutliff, revealed that her son had called her from jail on Sunday night and confessed to strangling the young woman and also murdering his ‘white grandmother’, 75-year-old Victoria Sims.
Cutliff, 67, said her son suffered from mental health problems and had been on a downward spiral into a psychotic break over the past few weeks. Glee told his mother he met Salau on the bus, invited her to his home and let her shower there, Cutliff said.
‘He told me that after she got out of the shower she wanted molly. He told her he wasn’t going to buy it. He said she called him a f***-ass n****r and bit him. That triggered him off,’ she said.
Sometime after the first alleged murder, Cutliff said Sims came to his house to check on him. The 75-year-old, a long-time volunteer for AARP Florida and member of Tallahassee Heights United Methodist Church, was friends with Glee and helped him look after himself and get government services, Cutliff told She said Glee referred to Sims as ‘Miss Vicky’ and his ‘white grandmother’ and would sometimes cook for her. 
Cutliff said her son confessed that when Sims visited him last week she called him a ‘slob’, he became enraged again and killed her. The mother said she did not know when exactly her son committed the two alleged murders. Salau was last seen on June 6, and Sims on June 11.
On the day she disappeared, Salau shared a series of disturbing tweets about being molested by a black man who offered her a ride.
Police have not said whether or not Glee is the same man Salau accused of molesting before she disappeared. Cutliff said her son did not sexually assault Salau and does not have a vehicle. It has also emerged that Glee was arrested two weeks ago on May 30 for aggravated battery causing bodily harm and released on a $2,500 bond two days later.
His mother told that the arrest occurred after Glee attacked a woman at a bus stop when she called him the n-word.
Prison records show Glee has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1989, including convictions for robbery, grand theft auto, credit card fraud, throwing a ‘deadly missile’ at a building and forging bills.
He has previously been arrested on suspicion of marijuana possession, burglary, cocaine possession with intent to sell, battery and providing false identification to police.
Sylvia Hubbard, head of Tallahassee charity the Minority Alliance for Advocating Community Awareness and Action (MAACA), told she had worked closely with Glee for over a year and the charity had paid for some of his food and bills. Hubbard said she met with Glee in Tallahassee to give him bus passes on Thursday, the day Salau disappeared.
‘It’s affecting all of us. I was on my way to Aaron’s house on Thursday. I’m always fussing with him. Was I the next victim, would he have hurt me?’ she said.
‘When I talked to him on Thursday I didn’t realize that he was crashing.’
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(c) June 2020 

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