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WHAT??! Why We Cannot Stop Patronizing Prostitutes – Abuja Men Open Up

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Some married and single men living in Abuja have revealed why it is hard for them to stop patronizing prostitutes in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja.

Speaking with our correspondent, some of the Abuja men said they prefer paying visits to the ladies in the brothels because there are no emotional attachments and some of them are more skillful that their wives at home.

Read some of the confessions the men made below:

Henry, a businessman from Jabi confessed his preference for prostitutes:

“As a real man, it is difficult to continue with the same woman, you need variety. Apart from it, I have high desire for sexual pleasure. My wife alone cannot satisfy me. That is why I constantly visit prostitutes.
“The main reason I chose prostitutes in place of other ladies out there is to protect my family. When I go to the brothels, I get what I want in the fullest, pay and leave. There is no involvement of emotions or exchange of numbers. I don’t want any woman to start calling when I am at home with my family.
“I am a regular customer. I do not patronise one spot to avoid familiarity. If you tell my wife, she
will never believe you. No suspicious calls and I do not restrict her from my phones. She thinks I am a saint.”

Kennedy, an engineer, stays at Maitama:

“I patronise prostitutes instead of other street girls because I don’t want a broken home. Most ladies in Abuja do not care if you are married. What they need is the money and some are even ready to become the second or third wife. I cannot handle polygamy that is why I am very careful in my choice on how to satisfy my sexual pleasure. My wife alone cannot do it.”

Andrew, banker from Garki, said he is not afraid of being caught by his wife. But he cannot stand the trauma of wooing a lady even when most of those ladies are just like the prostitutes. They keep many partners the difference is that they do not live in brothels.

Tersoo, a civil servant:

“I am working here in Abuja and my wife is working in our state. Whenever I want to have fun I go for prostitutes because I don’t want to hear ‘I am pregnant.’
I already have four children and it is not easy catering for them.”

Jaja, also a civil servant:

“I have been married for three times and have four children from those three relationships. I do not know what is wrong with me but I cannot love a woman for more than two years. So, instead of marrying and remarrying, I resorted to visiting prostitutes whenever I have urge for sexual pleasure.”

Obias, an apprentice at Apo confessed that he prefer visiting prostitutes to having a real girlfriend:

“Is it not that I cannot take care of a real girlfriend but I am still serving and learning trade under my master. I do not want anything that will implicate me. If I have a girlfriend, she may come to visit me in the shop, which is very dangerous. But with a prostitute, it ends there and then.”

Joseph, a student, also confessed he prefers visiting prostitutes to having real girlfriend because he is not yet ready for real relationship and emotional trauma.

Written by Precious

Km 4, Gbongan Road, Osogbo

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