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Omenkeahuranya is back to Imo state! The People’s Governor has returned to his home state! H.E. Rt. Hon. Emeka Nkem Ihedioha has once again set foot upon the Eastern heartland, to wide and joyous reception from the good people of Imo state. A people that have sorely missed him, and are still reeling from the criminal injustice meted upon them by the apex court when the institution robbed them in cold blood of the mandate they freely and gleefully handed to Ihedioha.
Immediately after his ouster, the state was plunged back into the deplorable doldrums from which Ihedioha worked to liberate it as a government with absolutely no agenda or blueprint for leadership was illegitimately installed in its stead to steer the affairs of the state. Truncating Ihedioha’s comprehensive, magnificent “Rebuild Agenda” meant the new administration groped for direction and, thus, has continued to steer the state into abyss. The new administration installed by the apex court, through their rudderless leadership, have further endeared Ihedioha to the people as Imolites daily miss their legitimate leader and his sterling, competent leadership. It is becoming clearer with each passing day that the incumbent regime may never match in four years (that is if it lasts till then) what Ihedioha achieved in just eight months. 
The vivacity, high-spirit, and effervescence in Imo state was palpable during Ihedioha’s reign, and the direction and sincerity of purpose that characterized his leadership was obvious and self-explanatory. Unlike the confused incumbent, Ihedioha made certain not to dilly-dally with issues of governance, setting to work upon his swearing-in as if he knew he had very limited time to manifest his capacity and the will to reposition the state for greatness. In the apt words and catchy expression of a certain John Okoye, in apparent reference to Ihedioha, said: “(Ihedioha) understood that (one) will not always have a second chance to make a first impression so he put his best foot forward.” Indeed, Ihedioha put his best foot forward.
The shoes, therefore, left by Ihedioha has proven too big for the incumbent to fill; and that accounts for why the regime has rather resorted to divertionary tactics in its struggle to gain traction and legitimacy. It has devoted more time futilely attacking Ihedioha’s administration than focusing attention on governance. Failing to realize that the strategy of vilifying and hounding Ihedioha’s leadership further compounds its extant problem of illegitimacy, the incumbent have continued to shoot itself in the foot persisting with this tactic. 
For a regime that attained power through the backdoor one would expect it will preoccupy itself with delivering good governance in order to curry or attract some sympathy from the public. Rather, it has shown that nothing good can come out of a stolen mandate. Under the current regime civil servants are today cursing their luck, pensioners are groaning under neglect, dissenting voices are living in fear, and infrastructural decay is again resurfacing. When, upon wresting power, the incumbent pledged to build on the gains of Ihedioha’s administration, he thought it would be a walk in the park. But on mounting the saddle, he immediately realized that Ihedioha’s consummate leadership and achievements within a very short period was no mean feat. Today, he would be ruing his decision to rob Imolites of their collective mandate if he has any modicum of conscience. 
What could be more revealing of who the Imolites collectively elected as their leader than the wild and jubilant celebration that greeted Ihedioha’s triumphant return to Imo state. The mood of the state has never been this positive and uplifted since the tragedy of January 14. I can only imagine what could be going on in the mind and thoughts of the incumbent who has never attracted such love and excitement from the public in his entire career as a politician. Ihedioha’s immense aura continues to intimidate the incumbent, and remains a source of nightmares for him. One, therefore, doesn’t necessarily need to designate the incumbent as a Supreme Court governor, Push and Start governor and/or the Backdoor governor to remind him that his reign is illegitimate as Ihedioha’s personality and aura does just that.
Chris Anyalewechi
Political and Public Affairs Analyst

Written by Precious

Km 4, Gbongan Road, Osogbo

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