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STRANGE WORLD! Female Pastor Releases Her Brea€t For Man To Suck As Holy Milk (WATCH DISGUSTING VIDEO)

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END Time is near as a female Pastor was sighted in a viral video on Social Media where she released her breast to be sucked by a man under the full glare of the congregation.


According to the Pastor, the breast milk is a Holy milk.

In the video making the rounds on social media, the female Pastor during worship time calls on one of the male members and that was just the beginning.


The male member walks up to the female Pastor sucking her breast passionately and holding tight to her.

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After removing her bosom, she placed it directly into the male member’s mouth to aid the release of holy breast milk into him.

The male church member who seems to believe in the power of his female Pastor acclaimed holy breast milk grabs the opportunity.


The male church member was seen in close contact with her pastor grabbing her from behind in a cozy form while his mouth was clinged to her bosom.

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