Love without money cannot work – Actress Olamide Odunlade

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Nollywood actress, Olamide Odunlade, is a beautiful woman many men would desire, for her beauty and brawn. But for the Marketing graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, love and trust are very important to her and could determine whether the relationship survives or not.


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Free-styling with Potpourri in a chat, the light-skinned actress admits that love is a beautiful thing, but says she is not ignorant of the power of money to make things happen, adding that love without money cannot work for her.

Money pays bills not love. Money solves problems, not love. Love is beautiful and important, and we all need it in our lives, but without money we are all dead, ” she states.


She adds that she would walk out of any relationship the moment she realizes trust no longer exists in it, either from her or the other side.



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She says, “Trust is very important to me when dating someone. If my partner can’t trust me, I am ending the relationship because infidelity issues can cause damage to one’s health. And it works the other way round for me too.

Olamide Odunlade says she is attracted to men who have suave dress sense, adding that cute men who dress neatly could have a number to her heart.


Olamide has featured in countless movies but has produced a handful like Mojere, Omo Mala, Kosedurowo and The First Tornado.

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