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WASIU Ayinde (K1) At 67, FUJI King That Remains Relevant For Five Decades – AYEKOOTO

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Wasiu Ayinde, the indisputable King of Fuji Music worldwide has lasted for many decades and mingled with different generations, yet, he has been unimaginably relevant since his advent into Fuji Music about 5 decades ago!


I started listening to his music in 1984 when he released Talazo 84. It was the greatest Fuji hit song of the moment and from that moment onward, a lot of my elders especially Egbon Mutairu who was living in Ikorodu then introduced me to what he called Wasiu Ayinde’s live plays.


Fantastic songs back to back and from that 1984 till this moment, K1 ruled the Fuji Music industry and not just that, he established a class for himself which automatically made him the number 3 Most celebrated Fuji icon after Barrister and Kollington.



When I eventually got to the Polytechnic Ibadan, I remember my old time friend from Oyo, Biola Olawuwo , who was my hostel neighbour at Orisun Hall. Biola would sing K1’s “American Tips” from beginning to the end, that was how he inputed that album into my brain, even during one of my examinations, that was the only thing I remembered for the first 20 minutes! At the University of Ilorin(Africa’s best Citadel of learning), another neighbour ousted Biola, his was fanatical because, he introduced me to K1 shows.




I’m dedicating this particular paragraph to my best friend during my NYSC. We both met at Shagamu camp. We were both posted to Wema Bank Abeokuta. Mine was Panseke, his was Kuto. Instead of renting two rooms, we both rented one big room at Panseke. His Muslim name is Musbau, his Yoruba name is Lanre, he is from Ilorin.



We were extremely close. We lived together for one year. Lanre is not a fan of K1, he is K2. He sings, talks, walks, laughs like K1. He is spiritual about K1. Whenever he wants to sing K1 song, he would use his mouth to play the guitar and drums, he understands every drum beat, every guitar string.


He would then close his eyes and start to sing exactly like K1. He ended up possessing me for one full year, that was when I realised that K1 is a spirit! Musbau is very close to K1 and K1’s children, so when one of my dear brothers and K1 son Femi Marshall said “Boda Lanre said he knows you very well”, I told him Lanre was the one who possessed me with your dad’s spirit! Although, Lanre is a core Saraki man and I’m Tinubu, our friendship transcends far above politics.



Wasiu Ayinde loves the old and young ones, the Kings and Chiefs are his fans, journalists and socialites follow him, generations to generations pass his music to themselves like a baton! K1 contributed to this current democracy through his music. From the days of military when he used his song to fight for MKO Abiola to the days of helping Tinubu and NADECO to raise funds and awareness in the UK, from the era of Tinubu as Lagos Governor to the era of Tinubu’s presidency, the consistency of K1 de ultimate is unparalleled just like his talent.


Today, the King is 67 years and his fame and talent is ready to go on for another 67 years. May your strength increase as your age.


The Olori Omo Oba Akile Ijebu, may your star never go down! Happy birthday Sir

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please note that King Wasiu Ayinde’s (K1) birthday was March 4, 2024 not today.



Written by Precious

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