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INSIDE LIFE:. See Lady who bedwets up to higher institution – SEE HOW SHE GOT RID OF IT+SOLUTION

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She is a university graduate, Tolulope Joseph who went through embarrassing situations when she could not get rid of her trauma of bed-wetting despite all the local solutions given that proved abortive.

According to her,

“I have know myself as someone who has been bed-wetting since my childhood, it was a traumatic experience I passed through for over 20 years.”

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“My , first fiancee when I slept in his house, I never knew this incident could happen, the man woke up and saw what happened (She wept). I started begging him and told him that was how I used to experience it.”

Each night she would pray fervently against bed-wetting yet would still betwet.

“Initially, my parents thought it was a child’s play not until I got to secondary school they now took it serious using different kinds of local medications that did not work.”

“I was worried to the extent that I isolated myself from my friends. Even after secondary school into College of Education, this ugly situations still continued.  It got to a point I could no longer sleep I was afraid so that I would not experience it in the room where I slept with my course-mates.”

“Yoruba’s faith that I should urinate on fire with charcoals so that anytime I want to bedwet I would feel sensation in me that would trigger me to wake up, this too, did not work. I did all these things without solution.”

She wept while narrating her ordeal
She wept while narrating her ordeal

“It got to a limit that I asked myself, ‘why is this happening, there must be a reason’, I then visited internet. It was there I got to know what it means in medical terms. There I got to know the causes why it happened.  It was from there I started abstaining myself from certain things I should not eat or drink. This actually helped me to stop this disease.”

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“It was also  there I got to know that my bladder was small and cannot contain much water.  I stopped taking much water and soft drinks. I also used what I called STRANGE ALARM SYSTEM, it really worked for me because I set the time between one hour interval from 12 midnight till 6am. I used this method for many years.”

“I stopped bed-wetting when I was between the age of 23 to 25.”


Washing her cloth after bed-wetting
Washing her cloth after bed-wetting (c) March 20, 2021

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