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Bitcoin is a digital and global money system currency. It allows people to send or receive money across the internet. 

TruexGOLD is Nigeria’s No.1 Cryptocurrency Exchanger where you can instantly buy, sell or exchange perfect money, bitcoin, payeer, advanced cash, binary, ethereum, planet of bets, and fifty other digital currencies to naira or other currencies. They maintain the best rates in this industry and 90% of their transactions are fully automated. Delay has no place with them because most of your transactions will be processed before you leave the banking hall. They’ve got good affiliate and investment programs of which you can explore and make good income.
Here are some testimonies from  some of their customers:
Chidi Ikemba15.09.2018, 9:45 AM
Sweet website, lovely service.
Valentine15.09.2018, 9:26 AM
Quite Swift… Interesting!
Peace Onyenso14.09.2018, 9:47 PM
Wow, this is wonderful . . . what a site!
Mike Olems14.09.2018, 9:38 PM
I waited to do my second transaction on the new site before commenting, i have just one word . . . Excellent!
Mike Olems14.09.2018, 9:34 PM
I’ m still lost in exictment at this tremedous improvement, exchange of 95010 NGN to 255.3388 PM was concluded in less than 2 minutes.
You’ve got bitcoin? And you want to sell?
Do you want to buy and invest in bitcoin? 
Let me put you through!
It’s quite simple and easy
2. You see the menu bar at the top left-hand corner of the homepage? Yeah the three short lines, click it.
3. Almost there! Click the sign up button. Fill in your details. Be sure to use a strong password.
4. Check your email for verification link, click on the verification link to verify your email and activate your account. Bam! You are good to go!
5. Click on the you bitcoin logo under ‘you sell’ to sell your bitcoin
Naira NGN → Bitcoin BTC
1. Click on the naira under ‘you sell’ and then click the bitcoin logo under ‘you buy’. 
2. Fill out the form 
3. Click on ‘Exchange’ to finalise the process. 
It’s never a risk with truexGOLD, it is 100% certainty. 
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