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Among those who will be looting Nigerian treasury with biro heaven counts you among them – PROPHETESS PRAYS FOR BABY ON 8-DAY NAMING (VIDEO)

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We decided to publish this video to correct the ugly trend  of get-rich quick syndrome of reaping where one did not sow that is pervading the land.



What is amazing in this story was that an elderly ‘Prophetess’ putting a biro in the hand of an 8-day-old baby on the day of his naming ceremony and praying,

“Nigeria is not good, when you use a biro to add 16 zeros to a figure it will amount to millions of Naira (She called the baby’s name) and said,

“I decree into your life, among those who will be using biro to loot Nigerian treasury, heaven  counts you among them.”.

The guests were surprised because the prayer was unusual, they felt reluctant to say amen, the woman repeated the prayer several times forcing them to say ‘amen’. 

This is where we are today in Nigeria, this is a country where we were told there is institutions for Yahoo Boys and Yahoo Parents Associations, though we have not been able to confirm the authenticity as at the time of filing this report but one cannot be in doubt considering gluttony for money at all costs in Nigeria of today.



The authority needs to caution this woman against decreeing evil into the lives of innocent babies.

She must have done what she did in innocence without thinking of the implications in the life the little baby in the nearest future.

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