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MIKE Tyson staggers on Skateboard, falls off safely on Chair (WATCH THE MOMENT ON VIDEO+DETAILS)

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The 56-year-old former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Mike Tyson almost hit the deck while with skating legend Tony Hawk for his Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast.



Mike Tyson tried his hand at skateboarding and failed spectacularly in front of Tony Hawk



The former heavyweight champion fell backward and into a stool and wall before the chair.

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As he started to completely lose his balance, Tyson knocked over a stool before banging into the wall and leather chair simultaneously.

Thankfully for Tyson, the wall was not brick, as it looks, and rather a relatively malleable prop held up by timber framing.

Tyson sported a wry smile after landing in the sanctity of the plush arm chair after the fall.


The boxing icon smiled once he found the safety of the plush chair, pointing at the camera, seemingly thrilled.

‘I’m okay baby, nothing happened,’ he said to a concerned female onlooker, presumably his wife, Lakiha Spicer.

The footage was published to his Instagram with the hilarious caption; ‘Lucky that chair was there or it would have been a repeat of the hoverboard scare.’

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