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New Champions Crown Queen Of The Mountain Match, Monster’s Ball

The bell rings and Austin starts hitting everyone with his cane. Miguel is knocked out of the ring, followed by Austin.

Speedball takes out the other members on the outside, followed by Zayne, who hits a moonsault.

Zayne climbs to the ropes, but is pulled down. King takes down Miguel with a kick, then gets him up but King counters with a  powerbomb. Miguel hits a flip over the top to King, standing on the outside.

Austin and Everett are in the ring. Austin takes him out with a kick, then flies to the outside.

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He hits Speedball with a kick off the apron, but Miguel reverses with a neck breaker. Everett hits a snap German suplex to Miguel on the apron, then hits a corkscrew on the outside off the top rope.

Everett climbs to the top turn buckle, but Zayne takes him down, Miguel climbs up to the cable, but Zayne hits a blockbuster powerbomb with the help of King.

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Speedball climbs up to the cable, but drops off it to take down Austin, Zayne and King. He hits Everett with an insiguri.

Zayne hits a powerbomb to all five competitors, but Miguel holds on. Miguel hits Zayne with a Canadian Destroyer off the top turn buckle.

Miguel, Austin and Zayne exchange right hands. Miguel gains the upper hand and climbs to the cable. King, Speedball and Austin climb up on opposite corners, but Speedball and Austin knock down King and Miguel.

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The two hang by their feet and hands and hit one another with chops. Everett joins them and  climbs up to the top to try and unhook the belt. Speedball hits him with a head scissor takedown while hanging on. Zayne starts climbing across the cable, but Austin kicks him down. Speedball takes down Austin and unhooks the belt to become the new world champion.

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Commentary introduces the French commentary team. They then run down the rest of the card. We then go to Scott Hudson backstage, standing by with the “Impact” Originals.

Alex Shelley says that there have been many good tag teams in “Impact” through the years, but they came out on top because they have stuck with the company. Chris Sabin says that they are there to celebrate 20 years of “Impact”. Frankie Kazarian says they are there to fight and they hope they can bring it.

Nick Aldis says that he loves the business and they were all able to make their mark because of “Impact”. Hudson asks who the fifth guy is on their team, and Aldis says that when they came across this name on the applicants, he was the one. Hudson says that legends will be in person tonight, and throws it to a video package of Sting. Sting talks to camera about his experiences with “Impact”, his highlights while there and his they gave him a second chance at wrestling.

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie come to the ring, followed by the Influence.


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